BVMS Smart Lab- 7 Day Rotation

7th and 8th Grade Courses

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Things to remember in the Smart Lab:

  1. Day One should be spent training- read the Learning Launcher, do practice activities, watch tutorials.

  2. Save things in Google Drive and share them with your partner so you both can access them anywhere (not just in the lab!)

  3. The One Minute Summary movie should show what you were doing every day of the station as you worked (get lots of evidence!)

  4. Only video clips should be added to Google Classroom for your 1 Minute Movie Assignment (not project files.)

  5. Each partner should turn in a copy of the Daily Journal.  Only one partner needs to turn in the 1 Minute Movie.

  6.  The way we do things in the Middle School lab are different than what you did in the Intermediate School lab!

Smart Lab Learning Launcher-

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